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At each epochal turn, angels, prophets and dissident voices appear to announce the change; at every change of paradigm there is someone who, from a different, more visionary perspective, is able to understand the essence and transmit it in a language appropriate for that time.

Biblical prophets like Elias, Ezekiel and John the Baptist and entities alien to the population of the earth, mediators between the worlds, are the heralds of every change. They were called angels in the literal sense of ‘heralds’, ‘messengers’. The word, in the Miocene language of the fourteenth century, was ‘akero’, the same as ‘anghelòs’ in Greek, and ‘angelus’ in Latin.
Today, as then, we see the same phenomenon but the language has changed.

On one hand, there are the so-called “Channelisers”, sometimes illuminated, often charlatans. On the other hand, there are researchers, serious scholars who investigate every form of knowledge, sometimes in solitude, isolated from society often due to their disrupting influence; but if these scholars can add an iron will, untiring physical strength and great courage to their meticulous preparation and extreme intellectual honesty, then we find ourselves in the company of true, authentic innovators, those who we call “THE WARRIORS OF THE NIGHT”.

Do they have a name? They don’t hide, they appear, as insistent as a storm: everywhere they are considered to be conspirators, heretics, without God… They are not a great multitude and they are scattered throughout the whole planet, also in Italy, a central nation, somewhat obsolete, if we consider the unfading stereotype of the Papal Holy Roman Empire.
Here our man has a name: he is called MAURO BIGLINO.
Mauro Biglino appears in CREATORS – THE PAST as the messenger of a different reality, bursting into the structure of the plot of the film. He plays the part of himself reproducing his role in real life: the role of transformer and bearer of change of a declining religious paradigm, and in order to do this he can do nothing but go on his way demolishing all the old, worn out points of reference…

Mauro Biglino is a real person, a voice in the night which peals out like the trumpet of Judgement Day in the projection of reality as in the projection of the film because the two projections coincide in that they are equally real, only the expressive language changes.
Man has always asked himself the fundamental question, “where do I come from?” “where am I going?”, “since I exist, did someone create me or am I just the simple result of a chance event?”

At this historic moment, Mauro Biglino, eminent essayist, researcher and expert of antique texts suddenly appears from nowhere and in a short time reaches the top of the best seller lists and receives numerous visits on the Internet, rapidly becoming a media event; his appearance is truly incredible, just like the first of the four horsemen who come to announce the apocalypse, which, in the literal sense, means “revelation”. Yes, the revelation of a long-hidden truth which he unveils to the world brandishing the flaming sword of his dialectic.

We wonder why such an eminent person became part of Creators – The Past: if he is a real person, then maybe the film conceals a true story?
Right in the prologue we can hear the voice of William Shatner “This is the time of a great revelation…” and again “This is a TRUE story”…

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