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Artuniverse S.R.L. presents this ambitious project, part one of a fantasy genre, science fiction trilogy, coming from the Italian cinema scene and Piergiuseppe Zaia’s over twenty years of experience.

depardieu_faniArtuniverse S.R.L. has its own studios, for physical filming and post- production house for CGI, VFX, Chroma Key, as well as audio recording studios for choirs and orchestra and sound dubbing.
The studio facilities also include two Red Mysterium X shooting in 5K, a very wide range of lighting and rigs, dollies, tracking, aerial rigging for flying Actors.
Additionally, they have manufactured their own robotics, mechanics and electronics, plus several sizes of self-fabricated drones, utilised for simple and complex cinematic shots.

The star names of the movie have aroused much enthusiasm, including Gérard Depardieu, {seen greeted at the Cerrione airport by local authorities.}
William Shatner, Bruce Payne and Marc Fiorini, are some of the prominent names in which Zaia, director and composer and Eleonora Fani, production manager, script writer, (pictured with Depardieu) have sought out, for their creative and stylistic involvement in the film.

zumaglia_brichCreators The Past utilizes spectacular locations with historical and cultural prestige, for example the beautiful canals and Palazzos of Venice, Verres Castle and Castel Savoia in Gressoney-Saint-Jean, Valle d’Aosta, as well as Ricetto di Candelo and Brich di Zumaglia in Biella



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