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Behind the invisible boundary line dividing time and space, there is a hidden infinite Totality made up of different levels of reality, the so-called “multidimensional universe”, a series of existential levels in which creatures with different degrees of physicality live their lives in an existence running parallel to ours and in which they can be creatures or, even, creators themselves.

The astronomers from the University of Auckland claim that there are about 100 billion habitable planets similar to Earth. If the Milky Way is made up of 100 billion of habitable planets and if there are about 500 billion existing galaxies, the probability of there being a planet which can sustain life increases considerably.
If we consider that the nearest habitable planet to Earth is Proxima Centauri b (also known as Proxima b), and that it is 4.2 light years away from Earth and that our fastest space-probe, Helios II, can reach a speed of 70 km/s, that is 0.000234 of the speed of light, it would take about 17,000 years to reach Proxima b.

To reach one of the stars closest to us in reasonable time -say about 50-100 years-, we would need a propulsion system which would enable us to travel at a speed of at least a tenth of the speed of light, which is about 30,000 km/s.

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How would we ever be able to reach such planets? Or how could the inhabitants of these planets reach us? Therefore, the question we must ask is whether we will reach them before they -thanks to their advanced technology- arrive here in our solar system?

This question would seem logical according to a linear vision based on assumptions of a perspective in three spatial dimensions as well as time, as in our organs of perception. But, according to a wider vision, the concept would be distorted by a false reality which would inexorably block our perception at an unbridgeable distance between our world and the dimensions which surround it.

The idea of the existence of one or more “alien races” from other planets who could one day land on the Earth is now an outdated and incomplete concept. All around us, in other dimensions, there is a highly sophisticated organisation chart composed of intelligent extraterrestrial/multidimensional entities and creatures: among them, there are those who have always observed us here on Earth and who, from those other dimensions, are able to “manipulate” the adjoining sub-levels physically interacting with our plane of existence.

For many years “They” have been carrying out a carefully targeted action here on our planet. From a certain point of view we could be under the dominion (safekeeping) of these entities from a parallel astral plane. They could show themselves to us and control us in the form of “soldiers”, who act on the command of “someone” who is on a higher dimensional level, the famous “men in black”, or by means of clones used as avatars; a further opportunity of having control of our world is, again, through authentic abduction.

There are innumerable ways of analysing this phenomenon and it is not easy to completely understand what exactly is hidden behind these entities. Doubtlessly they have always had a strong influence on our planet and it is evident that these beings are greatly superior to us both in technology and evolution.

The idea of extraterrestrial/multidimensional entities who perform precise duties of “Manipulation” and “Creation”, with “total control” of the dimensional sub-levels governed by them and which concatenate endlessly, indicates that there is not a one and only Creator or God but an endless entanglement of levels of existence rich in cosmic life, each with their own CREATOR.

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