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I still remember my great-grandmother Caterina who, when we managed to convince her to spend a few days with us, would sit happily in front of the television, only in black and white in those days, with a mixture of enthusiasm and apprehension; she was convinced that she could be seen from the screen and she felt ashamed if she was not always as neat and tidy as decency, according to her, imposed.
Over fifty years have passed but sometimes we still have the distinct sensation that we are being observed. Maybe today it is Big Brother who is watching our every move through technology which is available to everyone, mobile phones, computers, cameras… could the cause of today’s fear of conspiracy just be a simple persecution mania or, behind apparent normality, are we really being observed?

Without doubt, since time immemorial, we have been watched by obscure beings, the Vigilantes. They can be found in the mountains of Nemrud Dag in Kurdistan, they are angels, heralds but they come to us in definitely human semblance and with human characters: they were the ones who announced the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Today, backing up the theory of conspiracy regarding UFOs, the Men in Black (MIB) are phantom presences who, according to ufologists, are government agents dressed completely in black; their task is to intimidate or silence any witnesses who claim to have seen unidentified flying objects. Supporters of this theory believe that the strange behaviour and clothing of MIB can be attributed to their duty which is to eliminate every proof of alien presence on the Earth. They also believe that their strangeness is deliberately ostentatious in an attempt to render stories of UFO sightings even more bizarre than they already are, and casting discredit on both testimonies and witnesses.

In America these elusive Men in Black are an integral part of UFO folklore. In the 50s innumerable witnesses reported extraterrestrial events and UFO sightings and many claimed to have been approached by Men dressed in black. These beings led witnesses to believe that they were government agents, often showing identification badges and asking witnesses to tell their stories or to produce photographic evidence of what they had seen. If they refused to repeat their stories or doubted their credentials, the agents, more or less subtly, threatened the physical safety of the witnesses or of their families.
Although it has never been confirmed whether these threats were ever carried out, some witnesses later reported that they had been physically abused by these “agents”. Some homes had been looted and others had been set on fire, probably in an attempt to destroy any proof or to silence the witness.

No-one  knows who the men in black really are. They may be bald, blond or with dark hair, they may have light or dark skin and speak with an American or Asian accent, they may be tall and thin or short and stocky, but they all have two things in common: their clothing and their vintage vehicles. They are always dressed in dark suits with a white shirt and a black tie, they always wear dark sunglasses and often have black hats pulled down just above their glasses so that they cannot be recognised.

Some witnesses have also reported strange gestures and a “robotic” way of speaking.
In these stories the agents almost always arrived in powerful black vintage cars from the 50s to the 70s, Cadillacs or Lincoln Continentals and in some cases they arrived at the place of the sightings in black unmarked helicopters. Both the cars and the helicopters were without identification numbers or number plates but they all had a sort of symbol on the doors. Were they government agents, real figures belonging to a real United States organisation, whose intention was to prevent witnesses from spreading information regarding UFO sightings to the general population or were they really agents from a mysterious alien race who had been living amongst us on our planet for years?

In an interesting conversation, Gaspare De Lama, a living witness and member of the famous group called “Caso amicizia” (The Friendship Case), mentions particular presences which they refer to as the “Contrari” (Opposers), enemies of the “W56”, an alien group present in Italy between 1956 and 1967 with whom they were in contact. Gaspare tells of his personal experience in which he witnessed the destruction of one of these “Contrari” by the “W56”. He was amazed when one of the beings with human features suddenly exploded revealing its intrinsic electronic composition to the dumbfounded spectators.

Hollywood describes them as a part of a secret terrestrial organisation who fight to protect the Earth from alien invasions. The Men in Black entered into literature and into the history of cinema thanks to John Keel with his novel “The Mothman Prophecies” and Ed Solomon, screenwriter and creator of the cinematographic saga of Men in Black, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones; but he has also described them as robotised supermen produced by Matrix as modern vigilant guardians of the conspiracy, as we see them in the film Matrix.

In Creators – The Past they can be depicted as obscure presences with human features but of alien origin. They work for huge corporations on our planet but they are totally controlled by entities from other dimensions. They are a sort of biological robots which, like holograms, appear and disappear at will. So, apart from cinematographic fiction, if they really exist, who are these elusive MIB? And what are their hidden intentions?

I can only give a personal answer to this question… an answer which comes very close, and even coincides, with the version shown in the film Creators – The Past: I believe that the MIB are entities constructed and programmed by scientists following alien design and technology and that their construction is closely followed by aliens in a secret base protected by the CIA or by other similar organisations; a product which is therefore the result of technological collaboration with a common aim … but what aim?

Go and see the film and you will have a great deal to think about.

Alba Novaveritas

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