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It really is true that we are surrounded by a world of balls.
We have balls for everything: balls for playing, balls for taking lives, little balls (pills) for prolonging lives, balls for sweetening our lives like the little sweets known as Mozart’s Balls, and even balls for procreating lives… Yes, balls are fundamental for the human race also because we are all increasingly crammed onto a huge ball which rotates around an even larger ball and, when we look inside ourselves, we are nothing more than an immense quantity of molecules and atoms ….which are yet again nothing more than small rotating balls.
Therefore balls, or spheres to use a more respectable term, seem to refer to a fundamental principle which is inherent to the human race; actually, it appears to be the symbolic expression of a universal principle which human beings share with all the alien entities inhabiting our universe.

There are the Orbs, small globes of evanescent light like soap bubbles which sometimes appear in photographs and films but can also be seen by the naked eye like the Flottillas, spheres of light seen and recorded in a long video filmed in Bergen, Norway. And finally there was the discovery of the mysterious spheres of various dimensions composed of mineral and metallic material which are considered OOPArt ( Out of Place Artefacts).

Creators_spherical_stonesThis new, incredible discovery was made by Doctor Sam Samir Osmanagich in March 2016 in the village of Podubravlje in the wooded region near the town of Zavidović to the north of Visoko, Bosnia and regards the finding of that which seems to be the largest stone sphere in the world. These spheres simply reconfirm the hypothesis that an advanced civilisation inhabited that area, back in the far distant past.
In Bosnia, perfect stone spheres have been found made of diverse materials: granite, volcanic stone, sandstone and limestone. They seem to have been shaped by intelligent beings because Mother Nature could never have formed such perfectly spherical stones, composed of different materials and with a mass ranging from several tons to several dozen tons.

In a silver mine in Wondestone in South Africa, miners brought to light various metallic looking spheres which gives rise to several interesting questions. So far they have extracted about 200 spheres. Externally they are metallic blue coloured with reddish reflections and inside they have a whitish fibrous structure. They have a diameter of about seven centimetres and they seem to be made of an alloy of nickel and steel, mostly of meteoric origin. The most amazing thing is that although the three parallel lines engraved around the centre of one of these spheres indicates that they are man-made, the geological layer in which they were found has been dated to almost three billion years ago.
Their unusual characteristics are the base of the many theories regarding their origin, above all those put forward by the supporters of the theories regarding OOPArt. However, geologists who have studied these objects are inclined to believe that, despite their particularly regular shape, they are the product of natural phenomenon.

The theories regarding the mysterious origins of these strange objects can be divided into three groups.

Intelligent Design: the stones have been there since the world was created, in the same position in which they were found. The presence of artefacts which are not compatible with the known history of the human race would demonstrate the fallacy of the theory of evolution currently accepted by the scientific world.
Alien hypothesis: the objects are not of human manufacture but it is suggested that they were brought to their present position by aliens visiting the Earth in ancient eras.
Ancient hypothesis: the spheres are a product of an ancient forgotten civilisation which had advanced technology but which disappeared in ancient times.

In the past, many other similar spheres have been found, in Costa Rica, in Mexico, Antarctica and in many other parts of the world. Could there possibly be a connection between them? Is it possible that these spheres, so far apart from each other, could all have been constructed for the same purpose? What purpose? And by whom?

Creators_mistery_of_universeThese are questions to which we are not yet able to give an answer because they go beyond the rational process of thought but not beyond the sense of intuition, and here I refer to the basic symbol which is not for the analytical mind but rather for the analogical, intuitive mind, making it therefore comprehensible on a universal level.
The sphere is the symbol of absolute perfection, for geometric definition it is a solid figure, with every point of its surface equidistant from a fixed point called the centre.
If we look at this definition from a psychological point of view, we can see that it fits in perfectly with the process of identification and therefore with conscience…

Only human? Also cosmic, which reminds me of the famous phrase “ God is a sphere whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere”.
Such an important symbolic object could not be excluded from our film.
In CREATORS – THE PAST there are 8 spheres, 8 spheres of alien origin; one of these is hidden on our planet and, like the Golden Apple of Discord, is the cause of many battles.
Why is it so important? What does it really represent?
I have already given you many ideas to contemplate and now, while waiting, try to imagine…

Alba Novaveritas

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